Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Signs of the Times

In preparation for my May 15 seminar titled “Straight Talk about Success and Spiritual Growth”, I sent potential attendees to this seminar a list of four questions.  These questions asked about their goals/plans for happiness for the upcoming year as well as their current frustrations (from both a personal and business point of view).  The response was tremendous and I will share with you what is on the mind of our fellow brothers and sisters.  Responses came to Houston from as far away as California and Pennsylvania.  Responders included CEOs, presidents of large organizations, business owners, married individuals, as well as single parent head of households.

I have taken the responses and categorized them into the following areas: Finances, Spiritual, Work/Life Balance, Creating and attaining goals, Family/Personal Relationships and Health issues.  A summary of their concerns are as follows:
  1. Finances were the leading concern with double the response of the next leading issue.
  2. Spiritual and life balance issues were the next leading concerns with equal responses.
  3. Attaining goals and family/relationships concerns were next with equal responses.
  4. Health concerns brought up the rear with the fewest number of responses.

It is not surprising, as a result of these economic times, that finances is first and foremost on the minds of an overwhelming majority of those that responded.  Responses ranged from working to have enough disposable income in order to make ends meet to being able to budget enough money for retirement.

The next leading concern of the responders was having enough time to give to God and being able to balance the work life with life outside of work.  These were followed by creating and attaining goals that one sets for themselves and their businesses while maintaining amicable personal and family relationships.  I was indeed surprised to see that health was not a major concern.

Are you looking for someone to provide you with a step by step guide to help deal with your finances, goals, relationship with God/family, health and maintaining balance in your life?  If so, I suggest you attend my “Straight Talk about Success and Spiritual Growth” public seminar on May 15, in Houston, Texas.  In this seminar, we will discuss how to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way to having success in every facet of our life.    You will learn how to identify and nourish the spiritual part of your being that feeds the success mechanism which lies deep within you.

We will also provide a CD set via the Internet which will discuss in greater detail the information provided in this seminar.  For more information about the seminar and how to register, you may go to the following website: www,

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