Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Prepare for Positive Incredible Change in 2013

In this article I'm going to discuss why it's so very important to embrace change in every aspect (the good, the bad, the ugly). There is a popular song titled: "Everything Must Change", which has been recorded by a number of artists. One of the recurring lyrics is: "Everything must change, nothing remains the same". Boy, ain’t that the truth!
Often times we hear individuals say that they wish they could return to "The good old days". My question is would they be willing to give up their cell phones, Internet access and all of the advances in science and medicine that have made their life more productive and healthy?  Me thinks not!
Change is a part of life of which we can always be certain. We’re going to have to embrace it if we’re ever going to be able to differentiate change, which is beneficial to us from that which is harmful. We can receive help in making this differentiation by learning to connect to our changeless spiritual nature. Let me see if I can explain.
In order for us to determine how change can potentially affect us, we have to acknowledge its existence and be in a position to evaluate it. We shouldn't bury our heads in the sand, hoping that it will pass us by and leave us unscathed.  We don’t even have to like it. The key is to have a solid set of values to which we can compare the effects of this proposed change.
This solid set of values is directly related to our relationship with our spiritual nature. If you remember in an earlier article I stated that the purpose of our spiritual nature is to provide us directions towards our highest goals and ultimate life's purpose. This part of us is changeless. The better we’re able to communicate with our spiritual nature, the more distinct we’ll be able to hear its voice and determine our direction.
There’s a really unique feature about preparing for the potential impact of change. It’s that we are in charge of determining how we respond to this change, or whether we respond to it at all. It's an example of applying the Law of Cause and Effect, which simply states: We choose how we experience life.
We can either allow change to control us so much so that we feel as if we're poor pitiful creatures to whom life shows no mercy. Or, we can respond to this change from a vantage point of power, dominion and fearlessness.    
When we choose to take charge of how we respond to change, we become victors and not victims of life. Dr. Steve Maroboli says:
 “Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't.”
Let’s get ready for a 2013 of incredible change. I hope you've enjoyed this post and until next time here's hoping that you live today and every day passionately and with purpose. Thank you and God bless!

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