Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Emergency Steps to Conquer Fear

If anyone ever tells you they’ve never experienced fear, they're liars! In this post I'll teach the importance of using your three-part nature to overcome paralyzing fear in a manner that keeps you calm, confident and creative while remaining connected to your goals and ultimate life’s purpose.

I’m reminded of the time when I was a crewman aboard a “fast-attack” nuclear submarine performing  high-speed under water maneuvers that we called "angles and dangles". The stern planes failed in a full-dive position and everyone knew it was only a matter of seconds before the water pressure would literally crush us. I was at my post in the control room when an amazing sequence of events took place. Although we were plunging towards certain death, no one panicked and the crew quickly, efficiently and successfully executed a set of emergency procedures that brought the boat under control.

Here’s a list of emergency procedures to help you overcome your fears and bring your life under control: 
1.    Recognize that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.
Trust your spiritual nature and know that it acts as your mentor to guide you through this difficult time or situation. 
 2.    Be honest about the situation.
Don't pretend that there are no difficulties or try to persuade others they don't exist. This is like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand and pretending what it fears isn’t there. 
 3.    Search for something in your present circumstance or situation that will prove useful to you.
This step could be as simple as taking responsibility for your role in creating the situation. The accomplishment of this step will allow you to help others avoid similar circumstances in the future. 
 4.    Act in a quick and definite manner to defeat your fears.
This is where our intellectual nature plays a major role. Start immediately and create a plan. Any plan that keeps you in touch with your spiritual nature and overcomes your fear. It doesn't have to be perfect since you can modify it as necessary. 
 5.    Be Strong and Courageous.
Trust that there are unlimited resources available in both the material and nonmaterial realms. You are only limited by your imagination. 
 6.    Stay connected to your spiritual nature.
I'm assuming that your spiritual nature is occupied by a benevolent higher power or force that continually directs you towards the highest and best good of everyone involved. 
 7.    Forget the past.
Although it may seem difficult, this step is very important. When your mind is focused on the past you can’t see or take advantage of present opportunities. Also, when you’re focused on the past or worried about the future, the link with your spiritual nature is broken. 
 8.    Know that there really is nothing to fear.
As you complete the prior 7 steps, you will watch your fears dissipate like dark shadows as you approach them with the light of action and purpose.
 The take away from this post is to know that when you are properly connected to your three-part nature there is no power here, above or below able to keep you from accomplishing that, which you are created to do.

Here's hoping that you live today and every day passionately and with purpose. Thank you and God bless.  

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