Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tough Times Part 4, Are You at Cause or Effect?

In my last post I introduced the concept of “The Law of Cause and Effect” which simply states: “We choose how we experience life.” Nothing more, nothing less! We can either choose to be at cause in life by taking charge of how we respond to those “not so nice” circumstances that enter into our lives or, we can choose to be at the effect of life by allowing these same circumstances to manipulate us and dictate our responses to them.

I don't suggest that we go around seeking these “not so nice” circumstances. Quite the contrary, I suggest we concentrate on bringing our best efforts to life at all times. But when these unwanted circumstances appear (and they will), I strongly urge that we embrace them fully. Let me provide you with an example.

Growing up in Chicago, I had very little reason to learn how to swim or go near any body of water larger than a bathtub. However, immediately after I began training to become a Naval Aviator I learned that I had to pass a very rigorous swim test. Had I known this earlier, I never would’ve applied for this program. As far as I was concerned, water was for drinking, bathing and cleaning stuff.

The problem was that I really, really wanted to become an aviator and couldn’t avoid this test that stood squarely in the way of accomplishing this goal. Then what I will call “The Miracle” took place. My mind suddenly switched from being fearful of this test and seeking ways to avoid it to embracing it and seeking ways to pass it. Rather than having “tunnel vision” and focusing solely on avoidance I relaxed and began to see a number of ways to successfully deal with my problem and pass the test.

After embracing the idea of learning to swim, I began looking forward to being in the water. It wasn’t easy but for some reason I didn’t mind the hard work. I finally passed the test on my second attempt and went on to earn my “Wings of Gold”. It was a sobering experience that provided me a lifetime lesson.

I successfully dealt with life’s “curve ball” by choosing my response to it. The alternative was to blame the system, curse the darkness and walk around with a sense of impending doom. Since then I’ve learned to do my best at all times, accept life on life’s terms and totally embrace any circumstance or situation in which I find myself.

What’s going on in your life? Do you ever find yourself in unpleasant circumstances or situations not of your choosing? If so, I urge that you stop resisting and totally embrace them by becoming one with them. This is done by learning as much as you can about your situation, spending time in prayer, meditation or deep contemplation (whichever works for you), and then following the advice of your “Inner Voice”. The circumstances in which we find ourselves truly don’t matter. It’s how we deal with them that count.

When we change our way of looking at a problem we take power (become empowered) over the problem. It’s important to understand that “We are far greater than anything we have ever believed ourselves to be”. We don’t ask too much of ourselves, we ask far too little. Stretch your wings and fly. Take back your life! Are you at cause or effect?

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