Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Belief/Faith/Sight - Part 3 - Seek & You Will Find!

This is my latest post in the series on belief, faith, sight and their importance in helping us to experience a full and successful life.

In my earlier post I discussed the relationship between belief and faith. I stated that our core beliefs are directly related to our quality of life. Core beliefs can be positive or negative and either help or hinder how we experience life. They also act as our subconscious guide to life.

Our negative core beliefs are the primary reasons we have “problem areas” in life. These problem areas are the result of hurtful or painful events that we experienced in the past. These events left us feeling not very good about ourselves and with very strong negative emotions. As a result our subconscious mind influences us to do anything possible to avoid any circumstance or situation that might even remotely remind us of these fearful events and their attached emotions.

As stated in my last post, we will continue to experience these problem areas until we have the courage to face the fears and emotions contained therein. We do this simply by recognizing that we are our own worst enemy. We attached these hurtful sentiments of not being worthy or not being good enough to ourselves. These sentiments are value judgments. They are wrong and exist only in the shadows of our mind. If we have enough courage to ask ourselves the right questions we will find out that these value judgments, just like shadows, are Paper Tigers and have no substance.

Now here is where the rubber meets the road. How many of us know that if we believe in something and seek it with all of our heart, we will find it? Our quality of life starts in our mind and manifests itself in our visible world. Norman Vincent Peale once said: “In every difficult situation is potential value. Believe this, then begin looking for it.”     

If we believe we will find peace in the midst of chaos we will find it. If we believe we will find love in the midst of hate we will find it

The key is that belief precedes faith and faith initiates action. Our actions then lead to results.  It’s a process and the output of every process is a conclusion or result. The circumstance or situation in which we find ourselves does not matter. What matters is that our core beliefs be grounded in a sound belief system that activates our faith to obtain consistent, positive results.
This is why we must continually review our belief system to be certain that it leads us in the direction of our highest and best good because “A successful life is nothing more than a state of mind.”

In my next and final post in this series, I will provide practical examples on how to implement this concept into our daily life. Thanks for your interest.

Peace & God Bless.  

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